Monthly Archives: October 2013

Kenneth’s Update from Almaty


“It’s the 17th of October, I’m just sitting in my room here in Almaty and giving you a quick insight about what happened yesterday with Adam Nolan. I really thought Adam did enough to win the competition – or to win the fight.  But Adam got a bit of bad luck and was beaten on the split decision.  It was a very close fight with Cissokho from France, who was an awkward customer but I genuinely thought Adam did enough to win the bout.  Unfortunately for Adam now, he is out of the competition.

We have no Irish boxers on today, there is boxing on but our Irish lads are not on until tomorrow. Paddy Barnes, Ray Moylette and Tommy McCarthy will all be fighting for the Ireland vest tomorrow. I am sure the lads are up at the hotel now, just relaxing and they will probably do a light bit of training this evening just to maintain their weight for tomorrow’s weigh in.  All is well in the camp, they are in good spirits and hopefully we can go out there tomorrow and do the business.  I am really looking forward to tomorrow, it’s going to be a busy day and hopefully we can get the three boys into the last sixteen”.