Operation Transformation: Keep On Moving – Week 5


The Operation Transformation 5k Fun Runs in the Beautiful Grounds of Dublin’s Phoenix Park and Cork’s Blarney Castle is only a few days away. Leading up to the run we have covered a wide range of topics including the benefits of running for your physical and mental health, warming up and cooling down correctly, nutrition and hydration tips and how to create that all important ‘runners mindset’.

Next up is our 5K preparation plan to help you get the most out of your run.

The Night Before – Get you bib number, wristwatch and anything else you plan to wear ready. This will streamline the next day’s logistics and save you running around the house looking for your lucky running shorts!

Rise & Shine – Show up approximately one hour before the race starts. Doing this, will allow you plenty of time to find the start/finish area, drop off your bags and also to warm up correctly.

Run At Your Own Pace – Starting at the front can often cause a crash and burn moment within the first few Kilometers. As a first timer, you don’t want to get caught up running at someone else’s pace. Run at a speed you feel comfortable with and don’t forget to smile along the way.

Don’t Forget To Breathe – Try not to fly through the run holding your breath. You need to breathe deeply, remember why you are taking part in this event and visually break the 5K distance into 6 mini-races. The first kilometer, the second, third and fourth and the final last two half kilometers! When the run kicks off, focus on reaching that first kilometer mark upright and with a smile on your face. When you reach 1KM, set your sights on number two. When you fly by the 2 KM, think your way to three. Before you know it, you’ll be sad the run is almost over and shocked at how quickly you flew through it.

Relax, Pace, Celebrate – As mentioned above: breathe deeply, break the event down into mini runs and be happy in the knowledge that you are making positive progress on improving your health and fitness. Make sure to celebrate your finish.  Take it all in, run for the finish rather than the watch, and celebrate your accomplishment – you’ve earned it!

Best of Luck to everyone participating, we will be cheering you on all the way and don’t forget to Keep On Moving.