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Darren’s Reflections on Michaela Walsh v Azerbaijan

2011 AIBA World Boxing Championships - Quarter Finals - Wednesday

As I relax in my room contemplating tomorrows clash of the giants, Taylor v Ochigava, I felt it a good time to reflect on today and begin with our other lady in action today.
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Darren’s Update – World Boxing Championships

Darren O ‘Neill Update – World Boxing Championships

9am and I settle back into my hotel room in Jeju Island ahead of what I hope to be another successful day for Team Ireland Boxing. Reflecting on the gruesome trek across the globe, which started with waking for work at 7am Tuesday morning and ended up crawling into bed Wednesday at midnight after arriving in Jeju, I couldn’t help but be glad I didn’t have to step foot into the ring on this occasion.

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Conor Lyne: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics


How do I start describing the greatest experience of my life? The closest thing I can put to it would be this: a dream. Team Ireland arrived into Sochi on the 2nd of February, and it was overwhelming upon arrival. All of the volunteers were so helpful, and it was nice to be treated as a VIP for once. The airport was quite hectic with all of the arrivals, but we got all of our gear sorted and headed up by bus to the mountain village. Each athlete was welcomed with an incredible gift basket, with gifts from each of the Olympic sponsors, most memorably the phone from Samsung. The rooms themselves were basic but very nice, and our Chef de Mission Stephen Martin made them feel like home with Irish memorabilia.

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Fiona Coughlan: Sportswoman of the Year


2013 is a year that none of us will ever forget and it has put Women’s Rugby on the map. Whilst you always dream about winning trophies, the reality of it makes all the hard work worthwhile and makes you want to strive for further success. However we do realise that success at this level comes down to small margins and never was this more evident than in our first game of the 2013 Championship versus Wales. We were losing with 5 minutes to go, a try saving tackle from Ali d Miller and possibly our best build-up play in the Championship produced a match winning try from “National Treasure” Gill Bourke. That was probably one of the most defining moments of the Championship.

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Kenneth’s Update from Almaty


“It’s the 17th of October, I’m just sitting in my room here in Almaty and giving you a quick insight about what happened yesterday with Adam Nolan. I really thought Adam did enough to win the competition – or to win the fight.  But Adam got a bit of bad luck and was beaten on the split decision.  It was a very close fight with Cissokho from France, who was an awkward customer but I genuinely thought Adam did enough to win the bout.  Unfortunately for Adam now, he is out of the competition.

We have no Irish boxers on today, there is boxing on but our Irish lads are not on until tomorrow. Paddy Barnes, Ray Moylette and Tommy McCarthy will all be fighting for the Ireland vest tomorrow. I am sure the lads are up at the hotel now, just relaxing and they will probably do a light bit of training this evening just to maintain their weight for tomorrow’s weigh in.  All is well in the camp, they are in good spirits and hopefully we can go out there tomorrow and do the business.  I am really looking forward to tomorrow, it’s going to be a busy day and hopefully we can get the three boys into the last sixteen”.

Trent Johnson: Play The Man Not The Reputation

Trent Johnson On How The Irish Cricket Team Square Up Against The Giants Of The Game


Certainly the perception of cricket in Ireland has changed since I first came over. And that is on a positive note. There is a lot more people aware of the game; there is a lot more people playing the game we have certainly got in a lot more Development Officers that are taking the game around the country, which is always very good. Obviously, still possibly a minority sport but you know, we are trying to infiltrate the hulls of the GAA and the rugby and the soccer and those sort of things. So, you know, hopefully we can continue to do that and obviously, it relies a lot on us and our performances at World Cups and you know, whenever we get an opportunity to play on TV, we have got to perform at the best of our ability.

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