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Gary Keegan: Pursuit Of Excellence


Achieving great performance is all about people. It sounds a bit of a cliché but it’s true – it was true when I worked in boxing and it’s true now in a multi-sport environment.  It’s true in business also.  What we are all really doing as managers, leaders or coaches is shaping people and organisational performance.  We celebrate great sports-people as icons  – but I’ve met some extraordinary people in business.  Leaders who have taken big risks to grow their organisation calculated of course but not overly so. We operate in competitive environments that are both complex and dynamic. In these environments if you’re not taking risks you’re not achieving at the higher end of your potential.

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Billy Walsh: Supporting Boxing

Billy Wash, Manager of the highly successful Irish Boxing Team reflects on the 30 day countdown to the London Games and outlines his initiative to run a support event for the families of the Olympic boxers prior to, and following the Olympic Games.  The High Performance Boxing Support Team is the linchpin that drives the team forward.

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Mark Rohan: Multidisciplinary teams

Teams of specialised service providers are at the heart of the Institute’s performance-focused services. These teams aim to maximise the athlete’s performance potential by optimising preparation both physical and psychological, monitoring training load and rapid diagnosis and management of injury or illness. This teams works in conjunction with the athletes and sports performance team (coaches, performance directors and managers). The service providers work in an interdisciplinary manner ensuring close coordination between all parties in the management of any case.

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